Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Only 2 Episodes Left

Did anyone understand Sunday's episode of The Soprano's? That dream sequence went on for far too long and only really proved two things that we already knew:
1. Tony S. is not a nice guy
2. Tony S. will have to whack Tony B.

Tony S. is screwed up and I truly believe in the "real" world of the mafia, he would never be cut out to be the boss. He would have been whacked a long time ago in favor of a new boss.

Anyways, I like to read a weekly column/e-mail exchange between two mafia experts on Slate. Jerry Capeci is author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Mafia and Jerry Capeci's Gang Land: Fifteen Years of Covering the Mafia. He is joined by Gerald Shargel, an attorney who has represented many high-profile clients, including John Gotti.


On another television note, immediately after The Sopranos is Deadwood. This show has been incredibly gripping. I didn't start watching it until a couple weeks ago (now there are only three episodes left) when my had his quadruple bypass. After doing chores around the house, I was able to watch all of the episodes On Demand. That is cool technology. I think I stayed up until 3:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday nights watching all the episodes.

Anyways, last Sunday's was full of twists and turns. Calamity Jane has been the best character on the show for me. I didn't want to see her leave the camp, and I have a feeling she will return before it is all said and done. She has the most vulgar mouth you have ever heard (which is great). I think there will be plenty happening in the final three episodes and I'm eager for the next season to begin already.

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