Monday, May 24, 2004

I Know What He Means

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Jackpot Jay explains how the cards sometimes don't fall your way and how the short-term success will eventually bow down to the long term.

Best part:
I asked McManus what he would have done with my hand. He quickly asked me one question: "How many seats were they giving out?" And when I said, "43 or so," he said, in a nanosecond, "Call." Now, you can say this is a confirmation of my growth as a player, since I made the "right" decision, even though it ended badly. I prefer to see it as a confirmation of how far down the bottom of the hill I still live, since I spent a few minutes trying to figure it out -- not to mention a night worrying about -- and McManus, (who is only an author, for Chrissake!) came up with the same answer in less time than it took Lyle Lovett to say "yes" to Julia Roberts.

I had the same thing happen to me on Sunday. I sat down at .50/1 table and mucked cards for about an hour. Played two hands, winning both, but were small pots.

Finally, I was the BB with AJo. The SB raised into me (after four others had called). I thought about it for as long as I could and decided to call. I had watched the table for a while and realized these guys were raising with Ax. Flop comes out, AA6. I'm feeling rather good about my three aces. The bets are checked around and the SB leads out. I call and for some unknown reason --- the other four people called too. I cannot imagine what was going through their heads when both the SB and BB raised preflop and again after the flop. Fourth Street brought nothing -- I think a 2 -- and finally the River showed a 9. The bets were all going around the same. Flipping over the cards showed that the SB made is full house on the River with the 9. Won almost $30 pot. I was crushed. I read him perfectly and he caught his card at the end. After that, I decided to call it a night and cut my losses before I went on tilt and lost even more money.

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