Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Poker on

I found this article on my favorite website, --
When the bank bluffs.

I think this is the second part of a long running series, but I will have to check it out later. Funny part...

It is interesting to note that the Horseshoe is able check the balance in my checking account, while the bank that actually "owns" the account cannot. When I mentioned this to my wife, she snorted and said, "Don't be naïve. It's in the interests of the Horseshoe to get as much cash into your hands as they can. The bank doesn't care if you get access to your own money, because it does them no good." Well, duh.


Sweet...only two days left this week and one is a poker night! I'm taking a pen and paper to this game to jot down some notes, etc. I will do my best to give a full report on my play tomorrow night.

This only the second of his new column. His first week can be found here.

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