Monday, May 17, 2004

Good Ole Sit 'n Go's

Played a couple sit n go's last night. Finished 5th in the first one when my AA was sucked out with the board pairing 7's to the guy who went all in with K7. Oh well, that is how the cards fall sometimes. I know I played it properly and must accept the outcome.

The second SNG was much better as I came in 2nd. I know it isn't winning, but after my past several home game experiences, I needed to finish high in a game. I will probably play a couple more tonight and see how I finish. I think I will actually play regular Hold 'em...not NL HE tonight.


I was a little bummed that I couldn't go in and watch the WPBT last night on Pacific Poker. I assume because I didn't want to put any real money in there, so I wasn't allowed to watch any real games. Oh well. Congrats to Mene Gene and Otis.

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