Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I've Been In Hiding

I know that absolutely no one visits this site any longer, not that anyone ever saw it to begin with, but I have been doing a lot of reading, running, and work around the house lately. I haven't even thought about this blog for quite some time.

The Flying Pig Marathon is officially over. I decided that it was more important to run with my wife and make sure she did well and didn't reinjure her foot than to set some personal record. I hope the following link works for our time, but if not, we finished the marathon in 4:41:43. I know there has to be some way to post photos on this thing, but I do not know how. So, here is a link to me reaching out to Julie and encouraging her that the race was almost over. I know I look like a goon, but hey, I was finally finishing running for almost 5 hours. I am extremely proud of Julie and myself of this accomplishment, but accept no sympathy for the pain we were in since it was all self-inflicted. I do not know if I will run another marathon because of the injury I received to my knee a couple weeks before the race. I probably should not have tried to run the race since the pain began before mile 1 was complete and was consistent throughout the race, but hey, I wasn't going to pour four months down the drain.

I have stayed up to date with the Poker blogs out there while I have been on this hiatus. Some great stuff out there. Iggy is the man with his "uber blogs" and "guinness filled rants." I would love to have the conviction Iggy has shown with his posting and dedication to keeping the poker bloggers of the world up to speed. I would love to play in this Sunday's Poker Blogger Tournament on Pacific Poker -- especially for only a $20 buy-in -- but not sure if I will be awake at 9:00 pm after what is planned for my weekend.

My sister-in-law is graduating from college Saturday and moving the same day. My wife's best friend is also moving that same day. My good friend is graduating Law School on Saturday with a huge party that night. Finally, a good friend of mine who has had a helping hand in the jobs that have meant the most to me, is moving away to take another job. Needless to say, his going away party is that night. So, Saturday will be a long day and I will probably be in bed by 8:00 on Sunday night.

Finally, one of the last reasons why I haven't been doing anything lately with this blog is that I have been helping out my family after the most frightening event in our lives. My father recently had a heart attack, luckily a minor one, but needed quadruple bypass surgery. This was unexpected and our family took it quite hard. The surgery lasted between 5 & 6.5 hours, but everything went smoothly. He was out of the hospital in one week and began resting at home. I am proud that my mother never left his side and they will go on to celebrate their 39th year of marriage later in 2004. I have been going home on weekends to try to help out around the house where I could and do the projects that they had originally started.

I will post regularly as I will soon be getting a new computer for my house. I am looking at getting a laptop that will do the basic stuff that I use it for and install wireless Internet in the house to take it anywhere I want in the house.

Take care and it is nice to be back.

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