Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Don't Touch Thad Matta

I really really really dislike Ohio State. The firing of Jim O'Brien was a complete shock and he was the last coach I would ever suspect of cheating. Also, how in the fuck can Ohio State have this screw up and fire the basketball coach, but still allow Jim Tressel to be at the helm with all the off-field problems his team has had is unbelievable. Maurice Clarett is simply the topping on the cake. The punter who was arrrested two or three times in the first two weeks at school is another example. I don't understand it....oh yeah I do....OSU football delivered a National Title a couple years back and is still playing well. That generates money. Basketball wasn't playing well at all lately. Goodbye O'Brien.

Disclaimer...I am not condoning what O'Brien did. I just believe that OSU has problems with football that they need to address too.

Finally, the ESPN report says that Andy Geiger, OSU Athletic Director, will pursue Xavier's Thad Matta and NC State's Herb Sendek. Now, I love Thad Matta and I certainly don't want to see him go to OSU. Although, if he does, OSU will be getting one hell of a coach and staff. I'll keep my fingers crossed because I believe XU will have a hell of run again this upcoming season.

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