Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Post Weekend Update

Well, not too much to report here today. Watched the US Open over the weekend and my heart sank for Phil Mickelson when he caught the "yips" on 17. No excuse for that, but I couldn't believe it. Goosen didn't deserve to lose that Championship. He was clutch.

Duval didn't shoot under 80, but it was good to see him back on the course.

Played a little Party Poker on Saturday night. It was quite profitable. I was also finally able to download Poker Tracker (not sure why my computer wasn't allowing me to download before) and I have a lot to learn on it. Not quite sure how to read everything yet, but I will study it and study my game. For the time being, I am giving up on SNGs for a while. After a couple crushing defeats (4th) in the $10 tables, I have decided to take a break. Each time, I went all-in against the next stack and was crushed on the river. Can't really blame it all the time. Sometimes I tried to bluff and ran into nothing and the other times, the cards feel and that was that.

Jay Lovinger has posted yet another column. It is worth a read.

Page 2 has several poker columns right now. Bill Simmons rants about the Celebrity Poker shows we've been forced to watch lately. Nice shot of Mena Suvari though. Jeff Merron compares Reel Life to Real Life from Rounders. Finally Andrew Glazer, the Poker Pundit, ponders if Poker Superstars are possible.

Not much else to report. I have a home game tomorrow night after Beer League Softball. We had to pick up a player because we lost our first baseman to a torn tendon in the foot. Goes to show that big folks shouldn't try to leg triples out of doubles. Now I am the permanent first baseman, giving up my five-tool role in the lineup.

I let everyone know (all 2 of you) how my home game goes tomorrow night. I'm due for a win finally. Tired of finishing on the bubble.

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