Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I Think I'm A Little Bitter Today...

Alright, how is everyone out there doing today/tonight? I’ve been debating if I should post numerous times a day or just wait and post one long one every few days. This particular post will be more like the latter, but I think I will get back to my regular small blurbs in a day or two. It is often difficult to find the time to do this, but all it takes is a little commitment.

The NBA Draft last Thursday was a joke. That is what the NBA has become. I cannot stand the NBA because of the influx of high school kids and unproven foreigners playing in the league. It has ruined the game. I have never been excited about a basketball game where a team can shoot 30% for the game and that be considered a good performance.

On that note, I will give some perspectives on the Draft. How in the hell do you not draft Emeka Okafor first? I don’t give a rat’s ass about potential. I want to draft players that I know will help my team in the immediate future. That is what a draft is about. Selecting talent that will improve your team the next year, not four years down the road. Dwight Howard, the third HS #1 pick in the last four years, is not ready for the NBA. Truly looking at HS kids, only one genetic freak of nature, was prepared to play the NBA straight out of HS --- Lebron James. Somebody tell me how Kwame Brown is doing. Has the kid learned how to iron clothes yet?

Personally, I’d prefer to draft those players that I know have made themselves into something and proven themselves as winners. Not winners in high school. That is not truly great competition….not that all college ballplayers are great competition either. That is why I like Emeka and teammate Ben Gordon. Kudos to Bernie Bickerstaff for his work with the Bobcats draft. Take the best players on a proven winner – the National Champion University of Connecticut Huskies. Great picks at 2 & 3!

Then you have the Clippers…congratulations for keeping yourselves in the lower class of the NBA for at least another couple years. Oh wait, that’s right, they are drafting on potential! Drafting a skinny kid to run the point guard position in Shaun Livingston. I especially don’t give a fuck about this kid’s potential even if he was a Duke Blue Devil* recruit. (BTW – I fucking hate the Duke Blue Devils. They can have five walk-ons starting and everyone {media dumbasses} believe they should be ranked number one and receive the national title.) Does anyone remember the last great Duke point guard – Chris Duhon? I’m predicting right now, he doesn’t make the Bulls squad. I have to ask this question of the Bulls --- Why do you draft two PGs (Ben Gordon can play the point) in when you have Kirk Hinrich, Jay Williams, and Jamal Crawford? Obviously, they will probably trade Crawford now with the addition of Gordon, and Williams is still out from being an idiot.

The next pick that I actually liked was the Cleveland Cavaliers selection of Luke Jackson from Oregon. He is a proven scorer and will give incredible help to Lebron. Think of it this way…all the attention Lebron gets from the defense should leave plenty of open shots available for Jackson. A career 40% three-point shooter, he should have no problem providing the Cavs with a scoring threat.

Next we have the most overrated kid in the draft. Sebastian “Bassy” Telfair. I’m sorry, but if people called me “Bassy”, I would probably kill myself. Can you sound anymore like a homo? Now, I have seen the kid play. Hell we were forced to because he was the “Next Lebron” and ESPN forced us to watch his games. Sorry…wasn’t impressed. The kid was eaten alive in the McDonald’s All-American games. He’s short and don’t believe he will be making an impact anytime soon. REACT – the next six years.

Whew, I don’t know how much more I can spew about the draft. I will finish this up with the last two picks I liked in the first round…both are proven winners from St. Joe’s. Without them last year, St. Joe’s wins six games. Jameer Nelson, the best PG in the draft (For the record – I consider Gordon a SG) and Delonte West. Both will provide immediate assistance to their teams.

Congrats to my fellow Xavier alums, Romain Sato and Lionel Chalmers and former XU player David Young. Chalmers played his way into the NBA from the last two months of the NCAA. I was happy for David because of how he left XU. You could tell the kid had talent, but he lacked the motivation to prove himself. I’m sure that was hard being behind Romain, but either way, I’m glad he got his act together and was drafted.

There, that’s it. No more talk on the draft.

Next, in my hometown of Louisville, KY, the ACLU is suing the 4th Street Live Nightclub District on a bias in dress code. Fucking great. This is ridiculous. I can’t stand the ACLU. The Rev. Louis Coleman is a piece of shit and will do anything to keep his Rhyming Revrum status.

Here is the article from the Louisville Courier-Journal.

And this just in…the fucking ACLU and protestors won. The Cordish Co. has decided to let up on the dress code status.

Hell, I’m deciding that I have already dropped enough f-bombs, that I don’t need to continue on my rant of this. Instead, I defer to Brian, from Tomfoolery of the Highest Order, with his thoughts on this.

This is the most accurate representation of this: From Brian -
As for the ACLU, this isn't about civil rights, it is about them and money. They want to "get a settlement" and then recover huge legal fees, like they always do. Lousiville needs to tell pull a Cheney on them, and tell them to go F themselves.

Finally, being from the Cincinnati-area, I cannot help but feel remorse for the family of Matt Maupin. I hope and pray he was not killed and is simply of POW at this point. I have had a candle in my window since the day we found out he was missing. This situation pisses me off to no end. The beheading of Americans and Koreans, and now the possible shooting of Matt Maupin, it is all unacceptable. I don’t give a fuck about these militant Iraqi people. I hope our soldiers get them all.

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